Ashish Kacholia Portfolio February 2018, Share Holdings, Net Worth, Profile, Tips

By | February 19, 2018

Ashish Kacholia Latest Share Picks:

February 2018: Investor Ashish Kacholia buys 2,95,000 shares of Shaily Engineering Plastics at Rs. 963.51 apiece, BSE data showed.

Ashish Kacholia Portfolio makes 20 stocks. 20 stocks are from middle cap and small cap and the stocks are included KEI industries, Pokarana, NOCIL, and APL Apollo. These 20 stocks have produced a very amazing return policy for the investors in 2017. DFM foods, Ester Industries, and GHCL, are not able to perform in 2017. Below is the complete list of Ashish Kacholia latest Stocks Portfolio.

Ashish Kacholia Stock Portfolio Holdings 2018

Stock name and the percentage of Holding:

  • NOCIL – 3.74%
  • Shaily Engineering Plastics – %
  • APL Apollo Tubes – 2.44%
  • Parag Milk Foods – 1.73%
  • Pokarma – 7.5%
  • Majesco – 1.17%
  • Shreyas Shipping – 1.82%
  • Lokesh Machines – 1.17%
  • Aptech – 2.26%
  • KPIT Technologies – 1.78%
  • GTPLHathway – 2.23%
  • GHCL – 1.55%
  • KEI Industries – 3.14%
  • MOLD-Tek Packaging – 3.1%
  • Ester Industries – 1.68%
  • SP Apparels – 4.47%
  • Bodal Chemicals – 1.12%
  • Time Technoplast – 1.11%
  • Ashiana Housing – 1.26%
  • Vadilal Industries – 7.21%
  • Vishnu Chemicals – 4.68%

Ashish Kacholia – Net Worth:

As you know that the Ashish Kacholia makes 20 stocks in portfolio. All stocks are from mid cap and small cap space and you can’t get any blue chip or large cap in the portfolio. Ashish Kacholia’s net worth is Rs. Four hundred thirty one crore (431 crore) as the writing date if the net worth can changes on a basis of real times then it will be depend on the changes of the stock prices.



Ashish invests in little cap and middle cap stocks. To change into multi-baggers the stocks have small potential. The technique is paid off for companies such as NOCIL, Pokarna Granites, APL Apollo and some other such stocks has  changed to be multi-baggers in the portfolio.

Ashish Kacholia Tips

Lesser popular quality Stocks:

The main stock investment of Ashish Kacholia is a little known in stocks of high quality. He goes though a great amount of research before doing any kind  of investment in such company.  Mainly he is one of the risk takers when it comes in investment for profit.

Offbeat sector investment:

Ashish always try to choose offbeat investment sector those are not very popular with other investors. The sectors where he invests are packaging, power, cable, chemical, etc.

Management and Financial Performance:

Debth on books, order book product pipe line, management outlook , revenue growth are all very important facts for Ashish before making an investment . by looking in all these stats help him to get right stocks for making an investment .

Can you decide that the investment technique of Ashish kacholia is correct or not?


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