Dolly Khanna Portfolio 2019, Share Holdings, Net worth, Biography

By | December 17, 2018

Dolly Khanna Latest Share Picks

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August 2018Dolly Khanna purchased 1,04,250 shares of Selan Exploration at Rs 244.03. The purchase is worth Rs 2.54 crore.

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January 2018: Dolly Khanna checks in Prakash Industries, has brought about 4 lakh shares.

The Chennai located value financier Dolly Khanna has listed some of the developments in her portfolio event during December 2017 quarter. Stockholding data recommends Khanna decreased stake in the ten companies and expanded in 3 others and which consist of IFB – Agro companies, Rain companies and GNFC. Khanna has been investing in domestic merchandise market since the 1996 and her portfolio is completely managed by her married man Rajiv Khanna. He has an ability for recognizing lesser-known value stocks at an accurate time to gamble for multi-bagger returns.

Dolly Khanna Stock Portfolio Holdings 2019

Company Holding in %
Rain Industries 2.05
Emkay Global 1.31
IFB Ind. 1.05
PPAP Automotive 1.1
NOCIL 2.02
Thirumalai Chem. 1.73
Tata Metaliks 1.09
L T Foods 1.09
Asian Granito 1.04
Dhampur Sugar 1.24
Sterling Tools 1.39
Dwarikesh Sugar 1.59
IFB Agro Inds. 1.14
Shreyans Ind. 1.05
Ruchira Papers 1.7
Manappuram Fin. 1.13
Nitin Spinners 1.4
Srikalahas. Pip. 1.59
Nandan Denim 1.2
Nilkamal Ltd 1.56
Amarjothi Spg. 1.15
RSWM Ltd 1.98

Dolly Khanna Net Worth

Portions of the Khanna’s – portfolio climb to 575% in 2017. Her complete investment in India impartially was expensive at more than ₹850 crore as of the September 30 in 2017. Most recent shareholding data of the companies’ exhibition Khanna slightly decreased stake in the IFB companies from 1.05% as of the September in 2017 to 1.03 % as of the December in 2017. Stakes of the IFB companies move up 200% on the previous calendar.



Khanna sold some percentages of the Sterling Tools and Tata Metaliks.  In the Tata Metaliks, her stockholder fell to 1.08% as of December 2017 from 1.09% as of September in 2017. The Sterling Tools and Tata Metaliks has increased investor abundance in the last twelvemonth.

Between others, Khanna’s properties in Dwarikesh Sugar, Emkay Global Financial Service, Nanda Denim, Ruchira Paper Fell and Sterling Tools to 1.57 %, 1.07 %, 1.02 %, 1.29 % and 1.607 %, accordingly, at the edge    of the Oct-Dec 2017 portion from the 1.39%, 1.20%, 1.59%, 1.70% and 1.31% as of the September 30 in 2017.

Percentages of the Emkay Global Financial Service, Nandan Denim, Ruchira Paper and Dwarikesh Sugar advanced 36%, 291%, 48% and 88% appropriately in 2017.

Data produced Khanna sold almost 4870 shares in the Manppuram Finance event Q3FY18. The commonplace rose seventy-nine percent in the year 2017. She grasped 589, 95, 29 percentages of the Manappuram Finance as of the December 31 in 2017 against 454, 95, 34 percentages as of September 30 in 2017.

Between her effective bets, the Khanna heightened her property held in the IFB Agro Companies and Rain Companies to 1.27 % and 2.57 %, appropriately, at the edge of Q3FY18 from the 1.14 % and 2.05 %, appropriately as of the Q2FY18 edge.

In this place stake in the GNFC, Where she wasn’t among key stockholders in the Q2FY18, red-pink or rose to 1.03 % as of the December 31st in 2017.

The GNFC percentages gained 127 %, while those of the IFB Agro progressive 127 % during in this duration.

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