ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund

The ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund is the largest company in the country. It’s among the largest (AMC) which stands for Asset Management Company in itself under the management until the end of financial year of 31st March 2016 as observed. This alliance is between the ICICI bank in India along with one of the financial services from abroad country ‘UK’. The company made the turned out the rupees of 17.5581 crores (INR) initially from the investments and savings in long-term wealth. According to terms by the company the investment solutions been appreciated by the investors with a simple range of solutions.

Important: ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund Customer Care

Why Should Choose You to ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund?

The operation was started in 1993 by the ICICI. Now has become the largest leading Asset Management Company in India. And has made a turn over of a profitable amount mentioned in the above introduction para.

  • The segment of mutual fund across the assets class is managed by the Assets of Under Management which is in short (AUM) by the AMC significantly.
  • It caters the portfolio of managed services and the real estate’s division for the investors who are spread across the many countries.
  • Also manages with the international advisor mandates into international marketers or in markets for its clients.
  • The mutual fund primarily deals with retail investors most as caters in the world.
  • The ICICI in the field of AMC been introduced to products for the service to meet its customers. To provide the leading needy customers with a good manner diversified to their portfolio by the products of mutual funds.

What Are The Services Offered By The Portfolio?

  • The management provides the services of high returns when invested by the investors in a more concentrated manner with higher net worth’s.
  • The company made a track record in past decade as the first successful institutionally participant to provide the services in 2000 of the year.
  • The management division allows the caters for higher net worthy investments to investors and along as well as domestic investors into the ICICI prudential mutual fund.

There are also available competitors in the market in compared to ICICI prudential mutual fund which is well known as-

  • SBI Mutual Fund
  • UTI Mutual Fund
  • Reliance Mutual Fund
  • Birla Sun Life Mutual Fund
  • HDFC Mutual Fund

What Are The Advantages Of ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund?

Every investor intends to have high returns when invested the capital with equity. It requires a constant tracking the market up’s and downs. So the inflation and the deflation in marketing fields is not easy and possible to look up every day which has the solution when choosing the right investment with the ICICI prudential mutual fund.

ICICI Prudential Mutual fund

ICICI Prudential Mutual fund

Therefore the higher investment needs correct skills along with entire knowledge and the huge experience in this field. In this case, what generally happens the traders invests their capitals without much speculating the market condition which them not to achieve and claim higher returns and even cause them suffer the loss.

That’s why ICICI prudential mutual fund offers a door to its customers (investors) for the participation with best possible results to have. So experience yourself the benefits of mutual fund investments with high of returns of profits.

Service Of Pro-Expertise:

The services offered for mutual funds to clients or customers are mainly managed by the professional managers who certified and experts in financial fields. Also bears the experience in marketing financials to serve its customers.

Plan For Diverse:

Investors can easily invest their capitals for higher returns with minimal risks. The funds will be spread over across the different numerous companies into various sectors as a fully secured investment. With the said way the funds’ seekers get benefited by growth into sectors when invested. It lowers the risk to avoid being affected due to stock or any specific sector.

Management Of Assets At Low Cost:

After the collection of capital from the investors, the overall asset gets divided in between a huge number of people by management. And at the end which reduces the fee for each person for management assets. Its appreciable for investors for convenient solutions.


The Securities and the Exchange Board of India have given the regulatory to mutual funds in the country. And the major objective is to work by providing protection to interests of investors as per the policy which the ICICI Prudential maintains.

The investors are able to make a correct and right choice when forced through SEBI transparently for the mutual fund services. As the SEBI manages the regular portfolio to disclose the mutual funds which help investors to keep an eye on track records after the investment whether in the correct direction or not.