Top Mutual Fund Companies in India List 2019

A mutual fund is a professionally-managed investment scheme that pools money of a large number of investors to invest in diverse securities. It is typically managed by an asset management company that gets together a set of people and capitalizes their money in stocks, bonds and other forms of securities.  All the money collected is afterwards taken care of by a professional Fund Manager on behalf of the investors, to put it in various financial instruments. Here we provide a complete list of mutual fund companies in India.

The original introduction of a mutual fund in India happened in 1963 after the Government of India launched the Unit Trust of India. The Unit Trust of India had domination in the Indian mutual fund market until 1987, when a mass of other government-controlled Indian financial companies established their personal funds, comprising of the State Bank of India, Canara Bank and Punjab National Bank.

Assets under management is a financial term signifying the market value of all the funds being taken care of by a financial institution on behalf of its clients, investors, partners, depositors and other such individuals.

List of Mutual Fund Companies in India 2019

The amount of Mutual Funds made obtainable to the general public has amplified majorly in the bygone years. Consequently, one now has a remarkable sum of opportunities to select from, and irrespective of which group you desire to invest in, following are all the recognized Mutual Funds companies:

A. Bank Sponsored Mutual Fund Companies:

  1. Joint Ventures – Predominantly Indian Mutual Fund Companies:
  1. Joint Ventures – Predominantly Foreign Mutual Fund Companies:
  • – Baroda Pioneer Asset Management Company Limited
  1. Other Mutual Fund Companies:
  • – IDBI Asset Management Ltd.
  • – Union Asset Management Company Private Limited (formerly Union KBC Asset Management Co. Pvt. Ltd)
  • – UTI Asset Management Company Ltd

B. Mutual Fund Institutions:

  1. Indian Mutual Fund Companies :
  • – IIFCL Asset Management Co. Ltd.
  • – LIC Mutual Fund Asset Management Limited


C. Private Sector Mutual Fund Companies:

  1. Indian Mutual Fund Companies:
  • – Edelweiss Asset Management Limited
  • – Escorts Asset Management Limited
  • – IDFC Asset Management Company Limited
  • – IIFL Asset Management Ltd. (Formerly known as India Infoline Asset Management Co. Ltd.)
  • – IL&FS Infra Asset Management Limited (CIN U65191MH2013PLC239438)
  • – Indiabulls Asset Management Company Ltd.
  • – JM Financial Asset Management Limited
  • – Kotak Mahindra Asset Management Company Limited(KMAMCL)
  • L&T Investment Management Limited
  • – Mahindra Asset Management Company Pvt. Ltd.
  • – Motilal Oswal Asset Management Company Limited
  • – Peerless Funds Management Co. Ltd.
  • – PPFAS Asset Management Pvt. Ltd.
  • – Quantum Asset Management Company Private Limited
  • – Sahara Asset Management Company Private Limited
  • – Shriram Asset Management Co. Ltd.
  • – SREI Mutual Fund Asset Management Pvt. Ltd.
  • – Sundaram Asset Management Company Limited
  • – Tata Asset Management Limited
  • – Taurus Asset Management Company Limited
  1. Foreign Mutual Fund Companies:
  • – BNP Paribas Asset Management India Private Limited
  • – Franklin Templeton Asset Management (India) Private Limited
  • – Invesco Asset Management (India) Private Limited
  • – Mirae Asset Global Investments (India) Pvt. Ltd.
  1. Joint Ventures – Predominantly Indian Mutual Fund Companies:
  1. Joint Ventures – Predominantly Foreign Mutual Fund Companies:
  • – HSBC Asset Management (India) Private Ltd.
  • – Principal Pnb Asset Management Co. Pvt. Ltd.
  1. Joint Ventures – Other Mutual Fund Companies:
  • – DHFL Pramerica Asset Managers Private Limited
mutual fund

mutual fund companies in India

What are the features and benefits of investing in mutual funds through such companies?

Mutual fund investments come with several benefits in terms of risk diversification, liquidity rate, transparency, an absence of hidden costs, professional management by experts, tax savings and the presence of flexibility. Let’s look into the benefits and features given below:

  1. Diversification of Risk: The risk factor of investing in commodities through mutual fund companies is much lesser than that of investing in a company’s equity and the Diversification of funds in equity and debt securities makes a mutual fund investment safe from major losses.
  2. Greater Liquidity: mutual fund investments come with a great deal of liquidity with them which makes them more attractive to the customers. Investors can make partial or full withdrawal as per their requirement.
  3. Full Transparency: Mutual fund investments through the recognized companies is completely transparent as the Investors accurately know where their money is getting invested. This makes room for investors to track the fluctuation in the prices of the commodities and calculate their profit or loss accordingly.
  4. No hidden costs: Mutual fund investments are very affordable as they come with No entry load while investing in mutual fund. There are no prerequisites or opening costs hidden in a mutual fund investment. This makes the investment method accessible to a large number of customers.
  5. Professional management: As the mutual fund investment is performed by the Industry expert, the funds are well managed as professional expertise and care are taken beforehand. Also, here the role of investors in terms of investing time in deciding in which commodity to purchase and sell is performed by the mutual fund companies. So, the investor’s time is hugely saved.
  6. Tax-savvy: Not many people know that mutual fund investments come with an Investor advantage. The investors can get the tax benefit of equity and debt funds through mutual fund investments. This implies more savings and more income making this investment extremely attractive to the taxpayers.
  7. Presence of Flexibility: Mutual funds come with a Flexibility to switch the investment amount from one fund to another fund. This helps an investor have His / her peace of mind and safeguard themselves from losses that they might see upcoming.

Mutual funds have been trusted for years now as a source of income and high returns. Every smart investor must have once in his / her lifetime invested in a mutual fund and earned huge returns from the same. Therefore, such benefits must not be ignored and as a smart planner, you must think of investing in mutual funds as a good source of income. If you find any mistake in this list of mutual fund companies in India then please let us know so that we can correct it.