Top 20 Business Ideas With Low Investment and High Profit 2018

By | January 17, 2018


To establish any business there always requires capital in the form investment. While making it the investment plays a major role in growing the business with correct proportion as required. If the capital invested in right manner than only able to succeed in business. But it should done in correct sense as with necessary arrangements if you are trying to make any such business. To do such thing you might need a some business ideas which I going to discuss in this topic with certain information’s. So explore the business fields where to do investment and when with lower investments to grow your respective business.

Top 20 Business Ideas With Low Investments:

Here a some of the popular business list which can be done in low investments. These ideas will help you before making any such investments in proper manner.

1.Travel Agency:

Travel agency in India has supported a boom in previous decade. Consistency to the people’s growing their habits and their ambition for the greatest ‘’Wanderlust’’ and time is ready for hopeful administrators to set their fund where map is. One of the most economical parts to step up the home occupying Travel Agency is by tie up with the Host Agency. By doing that you’ll get benefits of convenience, helps you to earn bigger commissions, usefulness and get you expensive low.

2.Social media service:

In this present days numerous social media provides us some greater role in the business. Many more companies review for professional and the social media ‘service providers’. Now you can plan to start your personal company which will do posting on the blog, Facebook, LinkedIn, twitter account, Facebook pages, and ghost-writer for the business.

3.Video Conference And Board Room Facilities:

Many more medium and small business doesn’t have the video conference or the board room facilities. If you have the capital, space and expertness to build the board room and also the video conference facilities then you can plan to prepare ‘money out of it’.

4.Medical Tour Services:

If you compare Indian medical expenses with the foreign countries medical expense then you can rectify  that our India is fully less in compared to them. That’s why numerous foreign nationals and doctors comes to India for the medical treatment and surgeries.  Now you can plan to create business firm to supply service for on a visit foreign country for the medical treatment in the India.

5.Courier Company:

I think you may well known and aware of what is Courier Company?  It is a very long-established business. Now in these present days much peoples shopping in the online shopping stores. And almost every people look for the better transportation costs which they also need timely delivery as soon as posible. If you can manage it, then this business is truly good for you.

6.Party Planning:

In the metro Politian cities offering the party is the fashion. If you are thinking about to open your business in the metro Politian city, then you can open the party planning service and I am damn sure that this is good and amazing idea.

7.Financial Planning Services:

In the financial business you will need advice to retain customer’s attention for the investment and  financial planning. It is desirable to evolve into certified the financial planner previously starting ‘the financial planning’ business.

8.Aquarium Business:

It is one of the best and amazing or the smart business. This business is much good to maintain aquarium or the fish tank in your home. The aquarium allows pleasant peace and experience. It is good for the Vastu. Now you can start your personal business by opening the Aquarium Store.


It is one of the smartest business platforms ever in the whole world. You can do something as the freelancer to the work without restriction on the project of your personal wish. You can also work on  your charge and time based on your project and skill delivery.


If you are too good to clicking capture or take pictures then this is the best opportunity. And if you are the professional photographer then every business occasion, family occasion and individual, everyone calls the photographers.

11.Car Wash:

The clean car looks communicates and better pride. People like to drive the clean car and ready to earning money from employment for car washing and this is the reason you’ll find the number of the Auto Spa expanding today.

12.Resume Writing:

You know that the resume in a valuable document forest asides a job. People generally look for the experienced resume Writer. If you are the good writing resume then you can start this amazing business.

13.Fire Fighting Equipment Business:

It is now necessary to have firefighting equipment like the fire discovery system in the buildings and the fire snuff out. And this gives the birth to business plan of beginning the fire fighting machinery shop.

14.Wedding Planner Or Match Making:

It is spoken that the marriages are created in the Haven but distinguished on our earth. That’s why in-order to enjoy or celebrate marriage a lots of people go for the Wedding Planner. In present days master plan wedding planner or match making is the best business ‘option to start’ with.

15.Auto Modification Service:

In the present days, people can’t manage imported vehicle or car. And they over and over go for the modification of the actual or current car for the better look and best design. Actually, I am damn sure that if you build then its best modification also this business is correct for you. And one thing you should no that if you open the business then you can’t ever know that how much profit you can earn.

16.Sport Coaching:

Numerous people today look through sport as the career and even the parents want their youngster to participate in the extra- curricular activity. If you are experienced in some particular sports, then you can also start your professional ‘sport coaching’ role for their children.

17.Mobile Food Service:

Serving tasty and healthy food is the very good plan and that is in form of the mobile service. I think you can definitely do beginning mobile food services.  In this amazing business you don’t need to extremely large capital but yes, you must to serve tasty and healthy foods.

18.Used Products Buy Sale:

This lovely business is plan for those who manufactures products or a became a part of retailership and who are loveable to find the artistry in the old thing. In this amazing business, you will able to sell and buy the old used products to make money.

19.IT Security And Cyber Security:

With expanded used of the Internet, identify crimes has full-grown drastically. Forensic department and the organization every time look for good ‘IT and Cyber security specialist’. If you are well known the IT security services then you can shift this amazing skill inside the good business plan.

20.DJ Service:

This is one of the favorite professional business. DJ or Disk Jockey work is the part-time creative business plan. In these present days more and more people look for the DJ on the ‘multiple’ moments. If you love music and you are much good at the music then you can Rock this amazing and popular for business.

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