SIP Calculator – Calculate Mutual Fund Return of your SIP investment

Calculate Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) returns of monthly invested money via this online SIP calculator.

SIP Calculator

Best Performing Mutual Funds
Mutual Fund (Scheme Name) 10 Year Returns
DSP BlackRock Micro Cap Fund 26.68%
Canara Robeco Emerging Equities Fund 24.93%
Franklin India Smaller Companies Fund 24.12%
HDFC Mid-Cap Opportunities Fund 22.90%
L&T Midcap Fund 22.75%

This calculator helps you compute the riches pick up and expected returns for your month to month SIP speculation. You get an unpleasant assessment on the maturity sum for any month to month SIP, in view of an anticipated yearly return rate.
Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) is a way of capitalizing a fixed sum, repeatedly, in a mutual fund scheme. Systematic Investment Plan permits one to purchase units on a specified date every month so that one can implement a saving plan. The main benefit of Systematic Investment Plan is that an individual does not need to not time the market. In the system of timing the market, they might slip the larger demonstration and might stay out although markets were doing fine or might go into at an erroneous time when either valuation have hiked or markets are on the threshold of deteriorating. Instead of timing, the market, investing each month will safeguard that one is capitalized at the high and the low, and make the best out of a chance that could be hard to forecast in advance.

An investor can capitalize a pre-determined static amount in a scheme each month or quarterly, depending on the suitability through post-dated cheque or via ECS.

Why do you need a Systematic Investment Plan?

  • Well-organized method to investments
  • No requirement to time the market
  • Harness the power of 2 powerful Investment strategies
  • Rupee Cost Averaging – Advantage from Volatility
  • Lesson the wallet
  • Authority of Compounding
  • Gain advantages of starting early

Invest for the extended term as the dual advantages of control of compounding and rupee-cost averaging work via diverse market cycles. Spread your investments via multiple Systematic Investment Plans in diverse schemes to optimize returns in accordance with your requirements.

Systematic Investment Plan is a financial preparation tool that provisions you to make wealth, by investing small amounts of money every month. SIP is a driven by mutual funds to help investors capitalize regularly.

Why is Systematic Investment Plan an Intelligent choice?

  • Aids in instructing financial discipline
  • Aids you put investments on your import list
  • Average out your cost of investment and hereafter decrease your risk
  • Aids in compounding your wealth
  • Invest Regularly

Henceforth a Systematic Investment Plan aids you to average out your cost and thus decrease risk resulting in producing better returns.

Getting rich is simpler than you think, here’s an easy formula that can help: Start Early added to Invest Regularly equals Creation of Wealth

In Systematic Investment Plan, a static sum of money is debited by the investors in bank accounts occasionally and invested in a stated mutual fund. The investor is assigned a number of units according to the current Net asset value. Every time a sum is invested, more units are added to the investor’s account. The plan claims to permit the investors from wondering in unstable markets. As the investor is receiving more units when the price is low and fewer units when the price is high, in the long run, the average cost per unit is hypothetically lower.

If you want to invest in SIP and don’t know how to start then you can consult us at below contact link or you can also check out Top 10 Mutual funds India listed there, from various equity, tax-savings, debt funds, etc. based on the last 5 years performance and CRISIL Ratings or you can also calculate here at SIP Calculator.

Invest better with SIP calculator

SIP (Systematic Investment Plan) is a small amount of investment which is made on a monthly or quarterly basis in the market. You can say that SIP is somewhat similar to a recurring deposit.

SIP is a systematic way of managing your investments. You can also relate it to the regular instalments of the investments.

The SIP amount set by the investor depends on the particular needs of the investor.

If you invest in a systematic investment plan you will be bowing a seed for a tree that will beautify the garden of your life in just a matter of years.

SIP investment is a boon for your future-

  • SIP investment is a process of making regular investments and hence it is lighter in your wallet
  • Makes you manage the market effectively like a pro
  • SIP investment- effective for goal planning
  • SIP investment has a power of compounding and benefits you in a number of ways

When a person invests in the SIP plan, he needs to know the exact value of the invested capital and here SIP calculator serves the best purpose.

A SIP calculator helps in calculating the exact value of the investment on a periodic basis. The mutual fund calculator has various benefits and there are a plenty of reasons why it is used.

Benefits of SIP planner/SIP calculator

  • Accuracy in the calculation of worth of the investment
  • Calculates the monthly payable amount
  • Very easily accessible by all
  • Feasible for each type of investment
  • Accelerates the future planning process

SIP calculator is also an effective SIP planner. It helps you in planning and making the right decision for your SIP investment.

Before you decide to make a SIP investment-

  • Start with setting up your financial goals
  • Set up realistic goals keeping in mind a specific time period
  • Decide how much SIP investment you need to make for your future
  • Consult your financial advisor before you make a SIP investment

How mutual fund calculator will make your process easy-

  • Enter the amount you need to invest on a monthly basis
  • Since SIP investment is a long-term process, mutual fund calculator requires you to input the duration of the investment
  • SIP planner allows everyone to adjust the rate of return and is helpful for the users in a long-term
  • SIP planner makes the planning of finance easier and smooth
  • Even if you are from the non-financial background you can use this simple calculator as it doesn’t require much input from you
  • SIP planner saves your time and money. It is an effective way of planning for your future
  • SIP calculator provides you with absolutely accurate results
  • It doesn’t require any technical expertise from you
  • SIP calculator is a compact tool and is effective for your use

Keep a check on the following before you make a SIP investment-

  1. KYC form
  2. NACH mandate
  3. PAN card

Making a SIP investment is a wonderful step you can take for your future.


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